Jet Li Gets Off The Chain In 'Unleashed'

Actor plays a new kind of action hero: a dog.

When Jet Li gets off the chain, he isn't trying to act a fool and get the party crunk. He's trying to seek out and destroy anything in his way. Li literally plays a new breed of action hero in his next movie, "Unleashed."

"I'm a dog,' he said during a visit to MTV's offices a few weeks ago. "I'm mentally only 10 years old, but physically like a normal guy. I can knock down a few people in 10 seconds, but I don't know friendship. I don't understand love, family, brothers. I grew up just like a dog. I have a collar on my neck. When the collar's off, I beat up people, and when the collar's on, I become a little puppy. [I spend] life in a cage, just like a dog."

Let's just hope Danny, Li's character, is house-trained. Who in the world would want to try to hit Jet Li in the nose with a rolled-up newspaper? Fortunately, in "Unleashed," the professional butt-kicker gets taken care of by the same man who drove Ms. Daisy and tried to stop Brad Pitt from killing Kevin Spacey.

"One day, I meet Morgan Freeman," Li continued about the film. "He plays a piano tuner. Through the music, [he teaches] me how to be a person. And through the music, it teaches me how to be warm -- I feel the friendship, family, love. At the end of the movie I become a person. It's different kind of action film. I make 'Hero,' [then] I make this kind of film. I try to change and make a new action film."

Li describes Freeman as "a wonderful actor." "He can teach me," he continued. "He is a very powerful, warm man."

"Unleashed" also stars Bob Hoskins and is scheduled to be released in theaters next year.

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