13 Celebrities Who Have Thrown Down In The Pro Wrestling Ring

Chuck Norris is ready to ruuuumble.

In the world of professional wrestling, anything goes. If Jon Stewart wants to show up on "Monday Night Raw" and kick pro wrestler (and supreme trash-talker) Seth Rollins right in the balls, he totally can. Because there are no rules in the ring -- at least, none that make any sort of sense.

Remember when Snooki did a backflip and crushed her competition at "WrestleMania 27?" Or when David Arquette became the WCW World Heavyweight Champion? Sure, we know most of this stuff is staged, but it's still pretty cool to watch celebrities step into the ring and unleash their badass alter egos. (Even if some of them land themselves in a dangerous Figure-Four. Ouch.)

Without further ado, here are 13 of the most unforgettable celebrity cameos at pro wrestling events.

Chuck Norris

Because of course the incomparable Chuck Norris was an "enforcer" for the WWF.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas


Jonathan Taylor Thomas at WrestleMania

What time is it? WrestleMania time, duh. You may be asking yourself why the biggest heartthrob of the '90s was a celebrity guest at "WrestleMania 11," considering JTT's demographic at the time was teen girls, and honestly, we have no clue. But here he is looking pretty cozy with The Undertaker.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

At "WrestleMania 27," Snooki competed in a six-person tag match, and majorly kicked butt. Lesson learned: don't mess with Snooks.

Kim Kardashian

Getty Images

Celebrities at Wrestlemania XXIV in Orlando

Okay so maybe fresh-faced Kim Kardashian didn't do much during her stint on "WrestleMania 24," but she did step into the ring, and that has to count for something. Think of all of the other photo opps she missed for her five minutes of fame between the ropes.

Jon Stewart

That's what Seth Rollins gets for dissing the "Daily Show" host.

Kevin Federline

LOL. How badly do you think John Cena wants to erase this fight from his memory?

Joan Rivers

We're pretty sure Joan Rivers was the best part of "WrestleMania 2."

Adam Sandler

A longtime fan of pro wrestling, Adam Sandler got to meet some of his WWF idols backstage in 2000.

David Arquette and Courteney Cox

With a surprise appearance from Kurt "Mr. Nobody" Russell!

Macaulay Culkin

Remember that one time Macaulay Culkin helped Hornswoggle prank his rival Chavo Guerrero? Now you do!

Mary Tyler Moore


Mary Tyler Moore

Because why the heck not? She can turn the world on with her smile, among of things.



Elvira at Wrestlemania

The queen of darkness at her proper throne.

Ben Stiller


Ben Stiller WWE

Finally. A celebrity who wasn't afraid to get his butt kicked in the ring: Ben Stiller got put in a Figure-Four by Jeff Jarrett. Yeesh. That doesn't look pleasant.