Parking Valet Says It Wasn't Suge Who Sucker-Punched Him

Rap mogul accused of violating parole by assaulting attendant in June.

Marion "Suge" Knight now has yet another witness who claims the rap mogul didn't punch a parking valet last month -- the parking valet himself.

Knight was arrested in late June, accused of violating his parole by punching a parking attendant outside the White Lotus nightclub in Los Angeles (see [article id="1473455"]"Suge Knight Arrested After Allegedly Hitting Parking Valet"[/article]). Last week one of his lawyers, Rose Kogeman, rounded up eight witnesses who claimed it was another patron, not Knight, who sucker-punched the attendant (see [article id="1473544"]"Suge Knight's Lawyer Says Someone Else Hit Parking Valet"[/article]).

Now the valet himself has come forward and made a statement to the Parole and Community Services Division. "He told them that there was no way that Mr. Knight could have hit him," Kogeman said, "since he was hit from behind and he could see Mr. Knight in front of him."

The witness statements have not sped up the scheduling of Knight's hearing, however. Parole officials have up to 45 days from the time of his arrest to hold a hearing to determine whether Knight's parole should be revoked. That hearing has yet to be scheduled.

"We're treating this case like we would treat any other," California Board of Prison Terms spokesperson Bill Sessa said. "The statements obviously will be considered at the hearing, but nothing has changed on our end."

While the parole board processes its report, Kogeman is trying to convince the Board of Prison Terms to release Knight until the hearing is held. "It's an option," Sessa said, "but I don't know where we are with that."

Knight is currently in Los Angeles County Jail. If his parole is revoked, he faces up to a year in prison.

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