Here's Why A$AP Rocky Is Perfect On Selena Gomez's 'Good For You'

We're so glad Selena picked Rocky.

Selena Gomez is a hip-hop head and she's proven it time and time again. Whether she's channeling Nicki Minaj by performing "Super Bass" or doing Eminem karaoke, SG isn't afraid to fan out over her favorite rappers. Actually, Selena is such a fan, we're surprised that she hasn't landed an MC on any of her tracks before Monday's (June 22) release of "Good For You."

That's right A$AP Rocky's contribution to Selena's new single is the first time she's worked with a rapper on one of her tracks -- and here's why he was the perfect choice.

Beacuse Rocky's On Fire Right Now

After a two-year break A$AP Rocky returned to rap by dropping his At. Long. Last. A$AP album last month. Not only did the LP debut at number one on the Billboard 200 album chart, it was a critical success as well.

He'll Look Good For You In The Video, Selena

Johnny Nunez / Getty Images


Aside from his highly stylized raps, Rocky is one of hip-hop's most-respected fashion icons. So not only does the track sound good, you can bet that the video will look good, too.

Rocky Was Unexpected

Drake is an obvious choice and Kendrick Lamar has become pop's go-to rap guy, so props to Selena for thinking outside of the box.

He'll Keep It Raw And Uncut

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While "Good For You" has pop hit written all over it, Rocky dirties it up a bit, adding a few profanities and sexual innuendoes to Selena's sultry jam.

Oh Yeah, And Of Course He Can Rap

There are plenty of rappers Selena could've chosen from, we're just happy she picked one who can actually spit -- because let's face it, there are quite a few posers out there. A$AP reps hip-hop well with lines like: "But the way you touching on me in the club/ Rubbing on my mini-ature/ John Hancock, f--k a signature."