'Star Trek Into Darkness' Leaves 'Unsettled Business' For Potential Follow-up

Damon Lindelof tells MTV News about director J.J. Abrams moving on to 'Star Wars.'

Even though "Star Trek Into Darkness" is still two weeks away, the eyes of many fans are focused firmly in the years ahead. At the end of this promotional tour, director J.J. Abrams will shift from "Star Trek" into "Star Wars" mode.

In London for the premiere of "Star Trek Into Darkness," MTV News' Josh Horowitz spotted "Star Wars: Episode VII" writer Michael Arndt, suggesting that he may have been in town to work with Abrams on the script. Horowitz put the question to Abrams on the red carpet, but the director answered in his typically mysterious fashion: "We did have a meeting here," he said. "[Arndt] is a terrific guy and an incredibly talented writer."

One of Abrams' writers on "Star Trek Into Darkness," Damon Lindelof, was able to shed a little more light on what the director's "Star Wars" experience has been like so far, having been in the room with him when he found out that the news of his hiring hit the web. "I was sitting next to J.J. in the editing room on 'Into Darkness' when an assistant came in and said, 'It just got out.' And I said, 'What got out?'" Lindelof said.

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Lindelof's excitement for Abrams was undercut by a twinge of regret that Abrams would be less involved with future "Star Trek" films. "I was thrilled, obviously, as a 'Star Wars' fanatic, that it was going to be in great hands and a little bit sad that he was going to be leaving 'Star Trek,' but he's still going to produce the next one," Lindelof said. "We will make the very best of it, I'm sure."

On the topic of a potential third "Star Trek" in this series, Lindelof said that the seeds of a future installment had been planted, while trying to keep "Into Darkness" as complete as possible. "We wanted it to have a beginning, middle and end, and a self-containedness, but at the same time, start setting up where it could possibly go," Lindelof said. "Hopefully, if you see this movie, you get a sense not just in terms of the relationships and characters, but some unsettled business that needs to be resolved in the future."

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