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Demi Lovato Finally Reveals Glorious New Hair Color

It's been a looongggg 24 hours for us Lovatics. Last night, Demi Lovato posted a photo of hair dye on Instagram saying "I need some color in my life....," but then left us hangin' All. Freakin'. Day. In fact, we were so curious about her new hue that we even took some wild guesses (see: Photoshopped colors on her hair), but now, all our questions have been answered. She finally revealed her hair color, and it's... *drum roll*

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Bright teal! After watching this Instagram video hundreds of time (seriously), you can actually see that it's a slight turquoise to greenish-blue ombre, which is so killer. We love how Demi always keeps us guessing, and her line of hair extensions, Secret Color, can help you recreate this mermaid look for yourself.

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