Drake Showed Kendrick Lamar Some Serious Love At OVO Fest

What's that you were saying about beef?

Now we can officially stop all of that talk about beef, bad blood -- or, whatever you want to call it -- between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. For a minute there, it seemed like things might never be the same between those two (after that "Control" verse) but on Monday night, Drizzy proved us wrong at OVO Fest.

Early in his set, Drake brought his "twin brother" J. Cole to the stage, and before saying goodbye, he took a moment to send some love to Kendrick as well.

"I wanna shout out my n---a Kendrick Lamar," he told the crowd. "Kendrick was on my album, we went on tour...that's one of the hardest n----s alive. He should be standing right [here]."

“There’s a lot of kings in this sh--, so shout out to Kendrick and shout out my brother J. Cole.”

Maybe it wasn't as "monumental" as Kanye showing up last year to squash rumors of tension, singing Drake's praises, but it still felt pretty good to know that two of the most talented rappers in the game are back on good terms.

Drake made sure to drop that one while everyone "had their camera phones out," and maybe he did it with J. Cole on stage, because of what happened last week.

During Cole's Dollar and A Dream II Tour stop out in Los Angeles, both Drake and Kendrick made cameos. But some concert goers interpreted Drizzy's words as a slight, when he announced that, "there’s only two kings in this sh-- right now, and they standing on this stage," -- pointedly referring to himself and Cole, but not K Dot.

Maybe it was just a simple oversight. Or maybe it was intentional at the time. Either way, it looks like they've finally moved past it now. And we'd prefer it if they never went back to that weird, passive aggressive place.

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