Big Freedia Makes Buns Twerk In Colorful 'Louder' Video

She also smashes a watermelon like Gallagher

It feels like a conscious effort by the powers that be in the music industry to enforce upon us, the hungry listeners, just how important fruit is for your body. Nature's candy was at the center of Doja Cat and Tyga's video for "Juicy (Remix)" and Harry Styles had love for it as well in his recent release "Watermelon Sugar."

On Wednesday night (November 20),  Big Freedia completed this pop-art trifecta with the release of the video for "Louder," which is about shaking ass and also smashing watermelons. It'll definitely satisfy your sweet tooth!

"Louder" craves to be played at max volume, with the windows down, in an empty parking lot. Released as a collaboration with Swedish duo Icona Pop, the song bounces and bops as much as the cheeks that will in its wake. The video echoes this hip-gyrating energy with bright colors, jumping bodies, and imaginative sets. From Freedia's checkerboard outfit to her stepping out of a giant set of lips at the beginning, there's so much to love here visually before the fruit even gets introduced.

When it does, after some masterful twerking, you immediately get hungry. Boxes of lemons, grapes, bananas, strawberries, and more sit behind her as she raps profusely. The best part is when Freedia grabs a watermelon and smashes a watermelon on the ground, the insane look on her face signifying that the energy of the song has driven her out of her mind. If that's not the sign of the perfect party-starting song — one that updates Snap!'s "The Power" with a patented bounce groove — I don't know what is.

Watch the video for "Louder" up above.

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