Iggy Azalea's Latest Stunt? Dunking A Basketball On Her Lakers Boyfriend Nick Young

She can sing, dance, 'and' dunk?? Now that's fancy.

Iggy Azalea and Nick “Swaggy P” Young are quite a power couple. One of them is wildly talented and physically imposing, with a wicked two-hand dunk—the other one is the shooting guard for the Lakers. Wait what? Yup, Iggy can dunk.

As if the seven weeks “Fancy” spent on top of the charts this year weren’t impressive enough, Iggy Azalea showed off a new skill in a post Young made on his Instagram yesterday: she runs, she soars, she handily slam-dunks a basketball into the hoop.

“Ughhhh!” exclaims Young, bursting with pride at his girlfriend’s perfect form. Clearly she’s learned a thing or two from her talented boyfriend: now we can only hope that Young’s mixtape is right around the corner.

Although Iggy makes it look easy, nothing in the world of celebrity Instagram is ever as it seems. Iggy claims her smooth glide to the net masked a world of pain:

In fact, a close listen corroborates her tale of hoop life woe. A muffled “ow” can be heard beneath Swaggy P’s celebratory exclamation. No pain, no gain. Guess that brand new sports court is being put to good use.

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