Justin Bieber Wants You To Dance With Him Onstage On His ‘Purpose’ Tour

All you have to do is master this slick routine.

After months of fervent anticipation, Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour officially kicks off next week in Seattle (where we can only assume the rains will subside and Bieber will usher in a warm front -- such is his impact). For most Beliebers, it’ll mark the first time they’ve seen JB in action since his Believe Tour, way back in 2012 and 2013. But for others, it’ll be their chance to do what every fan dreams of doing: dancing with Justin. In the flesh. For real.

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On Friday, Bieber announced a contest that will give four lucky fans from each city on his tour the chance to dance with him onstage. Nick Demoura, the tour’s creative director and choreographer, explained the details in a video: Contestants have to learn the steps to his “Children” dance routine, download the song, and film themselves performing the routine. You have until March 7 to submit your vid, and Demoura said he’s looking for “high energy and clean dancing.”



Demoura then spends the remainder of the video giving step-by-step choreography lessons, and… OK… here’s the thing: If you’re legitimately rhythmically talented, GO FOR IT. These steps probably don’t look that hard to you, so do the damn thing. The rest of us two-left-footers will be jamming out in the nosebleeds, watching from afar as we master the art of bopping around and drinking beer at the same time. (Concentration -- and thirst -- is key.)

Check out the full vid below to find out how you can enter the contest, and good luck!