Lady Gaga Goes Full Countess For 'V Magazine'

The edgy feature pays homage to Gaga's fashion heroes.

We're starting to lose count of how many title hyphens Lady Gaga has tacked onto her name over the years, but you can add magazine guest editor to that list now because for its 99th issue, V Magazine brought in the Golden Globe-nominated "American Horror Story: Hotel" actress to run the show.

And just like the Countess' unequivocal reign over the Hotel Cortez, Gaga killed it.

The singer-turned-actress seized the opportunity to pay tribute to all of her style icons -- including Hedi Slimane, Karl Lagerfeld, Issie Blow, and, of course, the late great Alexander McQueen -- with a record-setting 16 cover images dedicated to her so-called "Fashion Guard."

"I feel like we all share an appetite for living a life of passion and creativity. It's like we all found our immortality through art and fashion," said Gaga of her honored crew. "We share that deep spiritual place. These are people who have kept me and protected me over the years, because they've wanted me to survive. That’s part of the message of this issue: we have to carry each other through the decades and take care of one another and honor each other's work."

One of the central points of focus for Gaga's feature is the real-life inspiration for The Countess' murder glove Daphne Guinness, whom she paid tribute to in a doubley special way.

Gaga and Guinness -- who are each featured on individual covers as well, of course, and got to prance around in treasures from the McQueen archives because they're cool like that -- decided to twin it up on a very Countess-esque shared cover that even features, gasp, the original glove designed by Shaun Leane that inspired her "AHS" debut look.

Indeed, the Contra Mundum glove itself is quite storied -- featuring 5,000 (!!) diamonds and an insane amount of ornate detailing throughout.

But it's Guinness' reaction to the special treatment that really shines through.

"You have made me believe again. I have been taking refuge in music. Thank you @ladygaga @SKstudly XXXXX I almost gave up," she wrote in response to the touching feature tribute.

In an equally goosebump-inducing letter from the editor Gaga added, "My coverhumans share something profound in common that I have observed in myself since I was a young child. It’s an ability through our innate sadness as creatives to find a glimmer of fantasy and hope through our art."

"All the people on my covers have healed me in some way, and I think some real peace was found between all of us in collaborating amidst our elaborate histories. What they gave to me and each other is a unique understanding of loneliness and passion—when you can look directly into the abyss of your own emptiness, like a canvas, and feel delighted."

Is "slay queen" one of those 2015-isms that's been officially ousted? Because if not, it's 100% applicable right now.