The Many Projects Of Wu-Tang; Comic Book, More Solo LPs Due

Having expanded their influence via a clothing line and video game (not to mention countless solo albums, guest appearances, and offshoot groups), the members of the Wu-Tang Clan are about to make a move into the comic-book world with their very own title, "The Nine Rings of Wu-Tang.

A special 16-page "Genesis Edition" of the Wu-Tang comic is included with the new issue of "Wizard," a magazine aimed at comic aficionados, and a special stand-alone preview issue of the title will be hitting newsstands and comic-book stores next month. Wu-Tang's RZA, depicted in the issue as Prince Rakeem, is credited with being a co-creator of the book.

As for the other members of the Clan, GZA is currently in the midst of a tour supporting his recently released second solo album, "Beneath The Surface." Ol' Dirty Bastard has completed his second solo album, "N***a Please," which is due out on September 14. The album features the single "Got My Money," which is currently a big favorite on

New York City radio, as well as ODB's versions of the standard "Good Morning Heartache" (which has been previously recorded by Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and Tony Bennett, among others) and the Rick James track "Cold Blooded." Inspecta Deck releases "Uncontrolled Substance" on October 5, and Raekwon plans to put out his second solo album, "Immobilarity," in late October or early November. November should see the release of Ghostface Killah's "Supreme Clientele" as well.