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Why Is Gavin Rossdale In Brittany Murphy's Little Black Book?

Grunge rocker turns to acting, begins recording with new lineup.

Gwen Stefani isn't the only member of her household looking to branch off into movies and making music without her bandmates. Gavin Rossdale, frontman for '90s grunge-rockers Bush, has a couple of flicks on the way and plenty of material written for a solo album.

The No Doubt singer's husband is shooting his big-screen debut, an independent flick called "The Game of Their Lives," alongside Wes Bentley ("American Beauty") and Gerard Butler ("Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life"). Rossdale is playing British football player Stanley Mortenson in a story about the U.S. soccer team's surprise victory against England at the 1950 World Cup.

Next up he'll take on a small role in the forthcoming Brittany Murphy comedy "Little Black Book," which has already begun filming and is due out next year (see [article id="1476588"]"Brittany Murphy To Launch A Singing Career"[/article]).

Earlier this month, Rossdale entered a Los Angeles studio to record demo versions of three songs likely surface on a solo album or perhaps even under a new band's moniker. The lineup for the sessions included Chris Traynor, guitarist for the most recent lineup of Bush as well as a former member of Orange 9mm; drummer Charlie Walker from ex-Quicksand bassist Sergio Vega's Champions of Sound; and Rival Schools bassist Cache Tolman.

Helmet's Page Hamilton -- who himself is playing with Traynor, drummer John Tempesta and bassist Blasko (both from Rob Zombie's band) in an outfit that may eventually reclaim the Helmet name (see [article id="1477148"]"Page Hamilton Straps On A New Helmet Lineup For LP, Tour"[/article]) -- produced the tracks and provided some additional guitar work.

Rossdale recorded five albums with Bush, the most recent being 2001's Golden State. The singer/guitarist's first post-Bush solo track, "Adrenaline," surfaced on the soundtrack to last summer's Vin Diesel action flick "XXX."

Like Rossdale, Stefani has logged studio time dabbling with solo material, possibly for a full-blown album (see [article id="1471367"]"Gwen Stefani Recording Solo Material"[/article]), and has been combing through movie scripts. This summer she signed on to play old-school starlet Jean Harlow in "The Aviator," director Martin Scorsese's biopic about the reclusive Howard Hughes, who'll be played by Leonardo DiCaprio (see [article id="1472272"]"Gwen Stefani To Play The Original Platinum Blonde In Martin Scorsese Flick"[/article]).