Charli XCX Personally Applied Baby Oil To Jack Antonoff In Her 'Boys' Video

'If I lift weights, you gotta really grease me up good,' Antonoff told MTV News

Of the many famous boys who starred in Charli XCX's seminal "Boys" music video, the quick cameo by Jack Antonoff on a workout bench wasn't the most glamorous or the most meme-worthy (though it was close).

However, the more times you watch the "Boys" clip, which Charli herself directed, the more the small details begin to pop out. For example, Antonoff looks pretty sweaty as he curls a pink dumbbell and looks directly at the camera — but maybe he's not actually sweaty at all but just covered in baby oil to help him, well, glisten?

"She applied the baby oil on me," Antonoff told MTV News last week ahead of his band Bleachers' performance at the 2017 VMA pre-show. "I'd let her do it again."

Antonoff was originally set to appear in a pink coffin instead, but after that plan went out the window, he opted into Plan B: the perhaps Paul Ryan-inspired weightlifting photo shoot. "She called me two days later. She's like, 'The coffin's out.' I was like, 'OK, I'll lift weights,'" Antonoff said. "But I said, 'If I lift weights, you gotta really grease me up good.'"

If it was up to him, we might've seen Antonoff as a boxer instead. But maybe we'll see that in a future Bleachers video? "I'm still interested in making a boxing video because I like how the pants sit high and I think it makes the body look nice," he said.

Watch Antonoff talk about living out such a dream around the 9:25 mark of the video above. And then check him out striking an alternate pose in the behind-the-scenes "Girls" clip that Charli posted to YouTube a few weeks ago.