Here's What That Cryptic Harry Styles '1950' Tweet Means

Hint: It involves Mark Ronson

On social media, Harry Styles has long been known as a man of few words (as well as a now-former raconteur). A quick scroll through his Twitter timeline reveals he's recently dedicated not-quite 180 characters to shouting out his BRIT Awards voting campaign, his support for the upcoming March for Our Lives, and obligatory punctual holiday check-ins.

That's why a recent dispatch from Tuesday night (March 6) stuck out like a seeming non sequitur. "I love it when we play 1950," he tweeted.

Enterprising young fans, as they often do, organized to decode the message, which actually wasn't that mysterious at all — the words are lyrics to the King Princess song "1950." The downbeat pop tune is the young Brooklyn artist's debut, released through Mark Ronson's new Zelig Records (as he clarified on Twitter).

At the time of the song's release, King Princess gave a statement about its origin and meaning. "Queer love was only able to exist privately for a long time, expressed in society through coded art forms," the singer said. "I wrote this song as a story of unrequited love in my own life, doing my best to acknowledge and pay homage to that part of history."

The song's video currently has just over 78,000 views, but a Harry Styles co-sign is certainly a good indicator that the clip could soon put up some serious numbers. Styles himself, meanwhile, is on tour in Europe, though his show (with Kacey Musgraves) hits North America this summer.

At press time, it was unclear if his walk-out music will be "1950" or if he'll cover it. But that would be pretty cool for King Princess.

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