Marvel Just Recruited David Tennant, And Now 'Doctor Who' Fans Are Freaking Out

The Doctor looks good in purple, man.

For "Doctor Who" and Marvel fans, there's only one way to adequately summarize the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe casting news:


That's right: David Tennant is making his Marvel debut! The Tenth Doctor has been announced as part of the cast of "AKA Jessica Jones," Marvel's upcoming Netflix series starring Krysten Ritter as a retired superhero now working as a detective.

But who is Tennant playing? That's the fun part, because it sure sounds like…



…he's playing the Purple Man.


Yeah, you're excused for making that face if you don't know who the Purple Man is. Here's a primer, from Marvel Wiki:

According to his own account, Zebediah Killgrave was a spy working for the Soviet bloc who was assigned to invade an American army ordnance depot and steal a sample of an experimental nerve gas. A military guard came upon Killgrave and fired a shot at him, which accidentally hit a canister of the nerve gas. The contents of the canister poured out, thoroughly drenching Killgrave, impregnating his skin and indelibly dying him purple.

Caught outright and questioned, Killgrave offered a weak, inadequate alibi to his captors. Much to his surprise, he was believed and released. Several more incidents of this nature demonstrated that the nerve gas had given Killgrave the superhuman ability to command the wills of other people. Calling himself the Purple Man, Killgrave embarked on a criminal career

In summation, Tennant is playing a Soviet spy with irreversibly purple skin and the super-human ability to control people's wills. Not too shabby, is it?


Of course, we're assuming Marvel is sticking to the comics on this one, and that's a big assumption. They've changed character origins in both minor and major ways over the years. All we know officially is that Tennant is playing a man called Kilgrave — but the leap from there to Purple Man shouldn't be too far, especially considering he played a vital role in "Alias," the Brian Bendis comic book "AKA Jessica Jones" takes its inspiration from. (No spoilers here; go read the book, or wait for the show!)

Regardless, we're getting Tennant in the Marvel Universe, and his debut cannot come soon enough. Let the salivating begin.