Frank Ocean Is Working On A New Album Influenced By Techno And House Music

He revealed to 'W' that he also wants to work with other artists more

Frank Ocean is in the lab tinkering with melodies and, hopefully in the near future, he's going to have a new album to share. In a new interview with W magazine, he revealed that he's working on a new album, but there's no set release date. He also divulged a few details about what it's going to sound like. We may not know when it's coming, but at least we know that there's something coming.

Frank's albums are always beautiful blends of music elements that prove him a real fan of the art form. They're loosely classified as R&B, of course, but there are bits and pieces of pop, avant-garde, hip-hop, and other kinds of sonic culture. Frank's new album will similarly be a montage of musical styles. He revealed in the interview that the new LP will be influenced by "Detroit, Chicago, techno, house, French electronic" types of music.

He also disclosed that he'd like to work with more people. "I think for a while I'd like to get away from work that's solitary by nature," he said. "I never been in a band or had a songwriting partner or been with a group, so it's always been a lot of time on my own writing and doing the work," he said. "I like the parts of the process where I work with session musicians or with other record producers or featured artists and guest vocalists."

In an interview with Gayletter earlier this year, Frank also talked a bit about working on new music. He said that he'd been splitting time between homes that he lived in located in Los Angeles and New York while recording fresh material.