Donald Glover's 'Star Wars' Character Is Missing One Iconic Component Of His Look

And it ain't the cape

Ron Howard has only been sitting in the director's chair of the forthcoming Han Solo origin story for a hot minute, but he's already accidentally ("accidentally") given us a glance at one of the most anticipated performances in the 2018 Star Wars chapter focusing on the smug smuggler.

Howard shared a pic of him on set and behind the camera, and the shot features a still from the scene he was working on, which apparently features Donald Glover in character as a young — and noticeably un-mustachioed — Lando Calrissian. (Zooming in isn't really an option here, but c'mon: There is NO GLORIOUS HANDLEBAR to be found, if we're going on Howard's POV.)

Just days beforehand, he shared a peek into Glover's character's closet, too, because let's be real — that cerulean cape isn't donning the shoulders of anyone but the smooth-talking Calrissian, which means that Glover's work on set has been on Howard's mind for the last couple of weeks especially.

We've yet to see Alden Ehrenreich's Solo smirk, but here's hoping Howard drops more dispatches from set ASAP.