Megan Thee Stallion And Her Gigantic Hat Rule The Rain In 'Ungrateful'

And Key Glock stays dry in the car

Megan Thee Stallion and Key Glock are calling out all the “Ungrateful” fakes in a new music video, which dropped Tuesday (September 6).

The video for the song of the same name, which appears on Meg’s Traumazine album released last month, begins with her lying on a red and black bedspread in black lingerie. “Whichever bitch wanna come get it, I got it, I'm givin' out work, come apply,” she raps in the first verse. “These bitches talkin' that shit and they sayin' my name and I can't keep just lettin' it fly / They gotta sub, they gotta tweet / They gotta go get they homegirl for me / If I was still doin' broke shit with your broke ass, then your broke ass wouldn't want beef, hey.”

Megan looks out her bedroom window and grabs her keys, walking down a hallway a black dress and matching veil, its long train trailing behind her. She dives into how her rise to fame has caused rifts in her interpersonal relationships: “When I started gettin' money, I'ma tell you the truth / All the hoes I was hittin' got they ass cut loose / Bitch knew a lil business, wanna put it in thе news / They'll take it to thе 'net, but I'mma take it to the booth / Give a bitch an inch, she'll take it to the moon / Hoes love to stir the pot and I'ma get a bitch a spoon / Bitch, I'm the one, you ain't even the two.”

The chorus, as she reminds us, is dedicated to slagging off “fake-ass, snake-ass, backstabbin', hatin'-ass, no money gettin'-ass bitches.” As such, when she rolls up to a night funeral in the rain — perhaps representing the death of relationships she thought were genuine — she places a black rose on the casket. Oh, and she’s decked out in a contrasting white dress and wide-brim floppy hat. It might be the widest-brim floppy hat in the history of night funerals.

Later, Tennessee rapper Key Glock joins in the track from a house balcony to echo Meg’s calls for keeping things genuine. Concluding the video, Key hops along Megan on a car ride through the intensifying rainstorm.

“Ungrateful” is the second track of Megan Thee Stallion’s second studio album Traumazine, which  debuted No. 4 on the U.S. Billboard 200, becoming Megs fifth U.S. top-10 album. Lead single “Sweetest Pie,” featuring Dua Lipa, peaked No. 15 on the Billboard Hot 100. There are all sorts of A-list guests on it, including Future, Jhené Aiko, Rico Nasty, Latto, and more.

Check out the “Ungrateful” video (and more importantly, Meg’s incredible hat) in the video above.