The Coolest Fifth Harmony Fan Tributes For Camila Cabello's Birthday

These Harmonizers have some skills!

Happy birthday, Camila Cabello!

The Fifth Harmony singer is turning 18 today. We'd try to make her something ourselves, but we're simply not worthy. Instead, we turn to the Harmonizers, who are the very essence of 5H's being. The fans of Fifth Harmony are making some really cool things for Camila's birthday. Check it:

Karem R. drew a picture of Camila kissing her baby self.

@steplaurinah/ Twitter


Look how gorgeous Camila is. Harmonizers are good at pointing that out.

camila 4

They're also good at making collages.

Seriously, Harmonizers have some skillz.

A lot of fans are changing their Twitter names to honor her as well.

Look how far Fetus Camila has come.

Many fans wrote essays!

Others stuck to collages.

Mandy on Tumblr captured the Camila hair flip perfectly with this GIF

camila 2

Wow. @Lifecamz on Tumblr might have the coolest tribute of today!

camila 3

It's a SUPER GIF!!

camila 5

What are you doing for Camila's birthday? Tell us in the comments!

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