Ed Sheeran Made An EP With This Rapper And You Didn't Even Know: Here's The Backstory

An unlikely pairing.

Remember that EP Ed Sheeran did with Yelawolf?

If you don't, well, that's OK. And if you do, great -- but you probably don't know the backstory.

In early 2012, shortly after each of them released their respective late-2011 debut albums, the unlikely pair teamed up to drop a four-track EP, The Slumdon Bridge.

It started with a call from Yelawolf's manager.

"'There's a dude named Ed Sheeran, he's here from overseas, he wants to hook up and do music,'" he recalled to MTV News of the call he got from his manager. He hadn't heard of the signer, and his manager sent him a link to his music.

"I didn't even look at it," the rapper, who just dropped his latest solo album, Love Story, continued. "I didn't really have nothing to do. I was like, lemme just go up to the studio and holler at him... Go up to the studio, shook hands with him, dude was cool, we vibed out, we recorded five songs in one session, and I haven't seen him since."

"And then he just blew up, like, singing really soft pop songs," Yela laughed. "There were people in Europe going, What the f--k were you thinking? Why did you do a collab with Ed Sheeran? I was like, Dude, you don't understand how that happened. It might not make creative sense, but somehow it did."

And it actually did. Their styles synced up well, creating an Alabama-to-London cross-genre musical connection.

"It's funny now -- especially with his singles and sh-t," the Shady Records signee added, still chuckling. "I got a whole album with that dude."

Though he says the only spent time together that day at the studio and haven't seen each other since, he still looks back on the music, experience and his collaborator fondly.

"He's f--king super talented, man," Yela said. "And a really cool person. I'm proud of the project, but it is funny how it happened."

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