The Magical Secret To Taylor Swift's 'Out Of The Woods'? Her Creepy Gremlin Voice

Only Jack Antonoff would know to ask about this weird, adorable songwriting tool.

Sure, everybody loves the carefree vibes of Taylor Swift's debut 1989 single "Shake It Off," but it's the moody turbulence of her second single that really had people curious. "Out Of The Woods" is the song that most people have decided references Taylor's short-lived romance with One Direction's Harry Styles, and now Taylor has told us the slightly bizarre backstory that really pulled the song together.

It involves a 'Gremlin voice'—something that only her songwriting partner Jack Antonoff could have known—which is why having him interview her in Los Angeles on Friday (October 24) was the best idea ever. Jack would send Taylor a track and she'd sing a melody over it in normal Taylor voice... and then descend into her scratchy, goblin-like gremlin voice that you can hear her do in the interview above. It's kind of the best thing I've ever heard. I'm actually practicing my own at this very moment—as I'm sure countless Swifties are also doing.

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We didn't know that a Gremlin was secretly inhabiting Swift's gorgeous frame, but now it alllll makes sense. The age-old wisdom, the penchant for perfect, out-of-this-world phrases—it's been actual magic all along.

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