Scott Weiland Arrested In Heroin Bust

Stone Temple Pilot frontman and solo artist Scott Weiland was arrested on Manhattan's Lower East Side Monday afternoon when police say the singer was found with heroin in his possession.

Police told MTV News that the singer had 10 decks (or $10 packets) of heroin in his possession when they picked him up on New York's Ave. D Monday at approximately 3 p.m. The singer is facing charges of criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal trespass. Police said that he was to be booked Monday evening.

Weiland recently launched a solo tour with a set at the HFStival in Washington two weeks ago, and was due to play New York on Monday night. Weiland's record label has not yet issued a statement on the fate of the singer's tour.

The tour had been scheduled to kick off on May 9 with an appearance at a Free Tibet concert in Atlanta, but that show and two others were canceled when Weiland said he needed more rehearsal time with his band (see "Weiland

Cancels Tour Dates For More Rehearsal Time").

Over the course of his career, Weiland's very public battle with his drug demons has become almost as familiar as anything he has recorded (see "STP: Back In The Game"). After a bust in 1995, a clean and sober Weiland emerged and planned to mount an ambitious tour with STP that included dates on the Kiss reunion tour. Those plans were soon scrapped when the singer relapsed in April of that year, and then entered five months of rehab.

After the singer emerged from rehab in October, the band launched a triumphant tour that fall, but Weiland returned to rehab in December of that year, putting the band's tour plans on hold until the following spring. After that tour, the members of Stone Temple Pilots began to pursue other interests, with Weiland going solo and his bandmates forming Talk Show with singer Dave Coutts.

Despite the time apart, the STP camp


always insisted that the band has not broken up, and Weiland himself told MTV News in March that he is looking forward to getting back to work with his STP-mates (see "Scott Weiland Discusses New Record, Future Of STP").

We'll have more as the story develops.

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