Brooke Candy Rides Choppers And Boogies With Alpacas In 'FMU'

From her forthcoming album 'Sexorcism'

As the decade wraps up, it's clear that straddling a Harley-Davidson is the move for pop stars going into the new year. First, Katy Perry hopped on a Harley for the aptly named "Harleys in Hawaii" last week, and now, Brooke Candy's grabbed her own for a trip through the forest in the video for "FMU."

It's a wild visual for her new single, which features Rico Nasty, that's all about admiring the beastly bikes and the woman who tame them. There's one word to describe it: badass.

Brooke's a master of the wardrobe. In "FMU," she looks like a punk-rock version of Van Helsing. She puts a bandana and Lil Nas X-like hat and rides bikes, stands on crumpled cars in a junkyard, and dances with alpacas in a field. It doesn't make a lot of sense, but it's strangely adorable.

In one of the coolest scenes, she finds a group of women in the forest with bikes and dances with them as they look at her strangely, as if the bit isn't rehearsed. Brooke really knows how to have fun. Rico doesn't appear in the video, which is a shame, because we can only imagine how much more energy she'd bring. She would have definitely popped a couple of wheelies on her bike.

"FMU" is set to appear on Brooke's forthcoming album Sexorcism, set to come out on October 25. The LP will also feature the previously released tunes "Drip" and "XXXTC."

Watch Brooke's beautiful, bike-obsessed video for "FMU" up above.