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Jennifer Lopez Is So Done With Manchildren On ‘Ain’t Your Mama'

Don't ask J.Lo to take care of you

Jennifer Lopez has released her first single of 2016, the slick and self-affirming “Ain’t Your Mama.”

Out today via Apple Music, the new song tells off a male partner for not pulling his weight in his relationship. Expecting your girlfriend to cook for you, do your laundry, and let you play video games all day? Sorry, it’s 2016, and that dynamic just isn’t a thing anymore. You can’t expect women to take care of you when you’re perfectly capable of taking care of yourself.

“When did you get too comfortable?/ 'Cause I’m too good for that/ Just remember that,” sings J.Lo over minimal but upbeat production that lets her voice take center stage.

“Ain’t Your Mama” can be heard below via Spotify; Lopez will also perform it for the first time Thursday night (April 7) when she returns to American Idol.