Who Should Join Mariah Carey On 'American Idol'?

Fans suggest everyone from Lady Gaga to Kim Kardashian for the show's vacant judging seats.

Fans are still reeling over the fact that superstar diva Mariah Carey has officially [article id="1690237"]joined the judging panel[/article] for the next season of "American Idol."

With a reported $17 million payday, fans are hoping Carey will bring her chart-topping experience and expertise to the "Idol" panel.

"Mariah Carey is an excellent singer. She's going to bring something new to 'American Idol' that I think a lot of the other judges don't bring," "Idol" watcher Jerome Smith told MTV News. "She has a lot of experience, so her experience is going to be something new to the show that's going to be really interesting to watch."

With its largest drop in ratings last season, Carey will certainly draw in a new audience that will tune in week after week to watch the music icon. "I think Mariah Carey will be a great addition and I definitely think I'd watch 'American Idol' more just because I really love her music," Kelsey Flatav said. "She's been in the ... music industry for who knows how long, so I think she's got a great impact on the music world."

Now, "American Idol" has the task of filling the vacant positions next to Carey. It's not yet clear whether lone remaining judge [article id="1689515"]Randy Jackson will return for season 12[/article] or if the show will go for three or four judges on the panel. Of course, avid "Idol" fans already have opinions on who would be perfect for the role.

"If I could choose anybody to be on 'American Idol,' I'd definitely choose Lady Gaga, because she's like, I don't know, my favorite," Nikki Tanner said. "I'm in love with Lady Gaga, and if she was on 'American Idol,' I think everybody would watch it. She's amazing."

It seems some fans agree that another songstress on the judging panel would be beneficial to next season's contestants.

"I think Adele would be a beautiful addition to the show because she just inspires me, she inspires everybody, she's awesome, I'm obsessed with her," Flatav said. "But I just think she's got a great vocal range, I think she probably would be very great with criticism, constructive criticism, and I think she would work well with Mariah because they're both songbirds."

Others made the argument that there should only be one diva behind the judges' table. "I would try something new. I'm not saying it's going to work, but I would try to get a rocker on there. I would love to see Mark Hoppus from Blink 182 get on that, just because he's such an entertaining guy on TV," Javier Garza said. "He's so funny, you know, so I'd definitely like to see him on there."

Well, if Hoppus isn't available, one "Idol" watcher suggested reaching out to reality-television queen Kim Kardashian. "If I could pick anyone to be on 'American Idol' with Mariah Carey, I'd choose Kim Kardashian, because she's a beautiful human being," Jeremiah Usiosefe said. "And she's like the most attractive person in the world, I believe."

Who do you think should fill the next seat on "American Idol"? Let us know in the comments!

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