Devon Werkheiser’s New Music Video Will Make You Fall In Love With Ned Bigby All Over Again

‘Crowns’ features his IRL girlfriend (no, not Moze)

Though Devon Werkheiser has left his Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide days somewhat behind him — his YouTube series is called "Devon's Life Survival Guide" — he's still radiating positive energy. These days, he's doing it through music.

His new music video for "Crowns," from his album Prologue, dropped earlier this week, and it definitely gives off the kind of feel-good vibes we all could use right about now. As Werkheiser saunters through L.A., he's surrounded by random people who just can't help but snap a pic of the former Nickelodeon actor in the middle of the shoot.

Luckily, his IRL girlfriend, Sara Montez, shows up during the second half of the vid as the queen to Werkheiser's king. "Sometimes he lets me be his muse," she joked on Facebook. Check out the sweet video above.

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