Joey Ramone On Jerry Garcia

ATN Special correspondent Joey Ramone in response to learning of Jerry

Garcia's death: " I'd like to talk about the death of Jerry Garcia. I don't

like to hear about any artist or talented person's death. I went through a

short phase where I got into two Dead albums, something I would never had

revealed. I went through a period in my life where I was stuck in a place and

I got turned onto Workingman's Dead and American Beauty. I

really liked "Ripple" on American Beauty. The thing I liked about the

Dead was they were real. They were a roots band, they had their own sound and

it was honest. It's a loss. It's an end of an era, with Jerry Garcia's

demise. It's the last gasp of the '60s. The '60s are really within those who

got something out of the '60s. All those kids who wanted a taste of the '60s

and followed the Grateful Dead around, I mean. This is what they thought it

was all about, now they need to get into punk rock.

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