10 Comic Book Characters Who Just Can't Die

It’s no secret that death is a revolving door in comics. When a character dies, they’ll just be back a few issues (or years) down the road, good as new, minus a few angsty sentences about being conflicted about returning to life. But what about the heroes who can’t die? Here’s ten of our favorites:

10. Deathstroke (DC)

The man formerly known as Slade Wilson went through a government program that made him super fast, super strong, and super smart. As a side effect, it also made him virtually immortal, with a super quick healing factor… That for some reason doesn’t work on limbs or eyeballs. However, Slade can recover from almost any other injury, even near death – though sometimes it temporarily drives him insane.

9. The Resurrection Man (DC)

Mitch Shelley actually can die, so we’re cheating a little putting him on this list. Except every time he does get killed, as his name suggests, he just comes back kickin’. And whenever he does return, he has a new power that’s related to how he died. For example, if he ate a bad sandwich, he’d come back with the power to create antibiotics with his tongue. That never happened, though.

8. The Immortal (Image)

Hey, guess what The Immortal’s power is? A supporting character in writer Robert Kirkman’s Invincible, The Immortal even survived being decapitated in an early issue. That said, he didn’t grow a whole body out his head-stump, some scientist/villains had to reattach it to his body. What a lame power! Kidding.

7. Deadpool (Marvel)

The Merc With The Mouth has turned into the Merc with a Death Wish in recent issues of his title… Simply because he can’t die, and he thinks getting knocked off would solve all his problems. Too bad Deadpool has an incredibly powerful healing factor which, though kept in check by the cancer that rages throughout his body, still allows him to dismembered, but still get better. We’re pulling for you Wade!

6. Painkiller Jane (Event)

The creation of Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti, Jane Vasko is virtually indestructible, able to recover from even the worst of injuries in mere minutes. Only problem? She still feels pain. So sure she CAN survive getting herself chopped in half, but then it feels like she got chopped in half all day. Which explains why she’s such a sourpuss.

5. Terror Inc. (Marvel)

Terror’s continuity is far too complex to get into, but suffice to say, the disgusting looking hero-for-hire can absorb the look – and abilities, of anyone simply by attaching their dead limbs to his body. Even their heads aren’t off limits, though depending on how dead the parts are, the faster they’re absorbed into Terror’s body, losing their memories and talents. Gross.

4. Ra’s al Ghul (DC)

One of Batman’s greatest enemies, the immortal Ra’s stays fresh and young (well, youngish), by dipping himself in the Lazarus Pit, a mysterious well of fluid that can even bring back the dead – though it temporarily drives them nutbags.

3. Mister Immortal (Marvel)

A member of the Great Lakes Avengers, Mister Immortal is actually TOTALLY pervious* to pain and injury. In fact, he dies all the time, only to return to life several minutes later, freaked out, shaken, and absolutely not ready for battle. This causes him to be depressed, so he commits suicide a lot… Which probably doesn’t help the problem.

*That’s a word, right? I mean, spellcheck** didn’t say anything, so…

**Though I did tell me I spelled spellcheck wrong, so who knows?

2. Lobo (DC)

An insane, motorcycle riding alien Czarnian, Lobo can regenerate from even one drop of blood – and he has, often, given that he spends most of his time starting the biggest, most destructive fights he possibly can. In fact, Lobo has won nearly every fight he’s ever gotten in due to how overpowered he is. The one exception? Our next guy:

1. Wolverine (Marvel)

Who else would be our number one? The diminutive Canuck has slowly had his healing factor amped up over time; he used to take days to recover from a severe beating, as seen in the classic “X-Men in Australia” storyline in the ‘90s. Now, though? You can drop an atom bomb on him, and he can just grow right back. In fact, it was recently revealed that every time Wolverine “dies,” he goes to this hell-type-place, where he fights a demon samurai fort he right to return to life. Yeah, we didn’t get it either. Point is, he could take anyone else on this list, bub.

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