CupcakKe Dishes Out Physical And Magical Threats On 'Bird Box'

The rapper's latest will make you want to punch a wall

CupcakKe's second new song of 2019 is "Bird Box," a furious tune that uppercuts and follows with a haymaker. Her latest hits harder and exists outside of the aesthetic than her more recent, sexually-charged tunes. But this is all by design because the wit, comedy, and energy are all there – it's just been repurposed into the audio equivalent of squeezing a stress ball and letting the rage out.

CupcakKe has never sounded more alive than on "Bird Box" as she charges her verses with commands and threats. "Pull up to your addy, hop out of the caddy/I'm up on my bully and today I'm aggy," she raps, starting out the song with the kind of sharp, cutting warnings that jolt you out of bed like an unnecessarily loud alarm clock. This isn't an electric intro that cools down over the length of the verse either; CupcakKe's continuously ups her power levels as she goes on. She's never lacking, she casts spells, and she even threatens bodily harm. For those afraid that this gets too dark, it doesn't, thanks to the rapper's exceptional balance. The laughs come in when she tells people that they are fake "like Jamal off Empire" and that the "Devil tryna break me but it never work like McDonald's ice cream machine." Even when her brows are furrowed, there's a whimsical element to even her harshest lines.

"Bird Box" follows the nautical, vulgar cut "Squidward's Nose" that the rapper released in January. The underwater-themed song is one thing, but the accompanying video is another thing entirely. Squidward makes an appearance and CupcakKe cosplays as a mermaid while belting out the funny tune. With these two new songs released before a quarter of the year is over, all signs point to a new project coming out sooner than later, following last year’s two albums – Ephorize and Eden .

Listen to “Bird Box” up above.