Kristen Stewart Waxes Philosophical In New Interviews And Clips From 'Yellow Handkerchief'

This week it feels like we are swimming in Kristen Stewart content: first with clips from our interview with her and Dakota Fanning about "The Runaways," today with new interviews and scenes from her upcoming "The Yellow Handkerchief," and later on, with some great new interview clips with her about her "stripper movie," "Welcome to the Rileys."

In regards to "The Yellow Handkerchief," Kristen explained during a set visit (press play above), "The movie is about three sort of lost loners, and so many people live their life like that and never find a reprieve or just like meet someone who's just like, 'It's okay,' you know? It's okay to be you. It's okay to just not be okay. It's okay to not be okay."

She said she hopes people take "something substantial" from the film, which also stars William Hurt and Eddie Redmayne.

In the first clip we have for you today (press play below), Eddie's character Gordy is explaining that if Kristen's Martine "just kisses [him] once," his obsession with her will "just go, just go away." "So it's like an obsession thing?" Martine asks with a cute little Southern twang. "You touch me and it goes away?" We will leave the final seconds of this clip a mystery for you all to watch, but we're guessing Gordy's plan doesn't work as he intended.

The second clip (below) shows Martine's relationship becoming closer with the new guy in town, William Hurt's character Brett. She comments that if she ever counted how many times she cries a day, she's sure she would be impressed, and then asks Brett the probing question, "Do you cry?" While the movie doesn't come out for another month or so, we're guessing it at least will be making us tear up a few times.

Are you looking forward to seeing "Yellow Handkerchief"?

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