Lil Wayne Wishes His Charity Work Would Go Under The Radar

But if Weezy hid his philanthropy, we wouldn't know about DEWeezy or Stoked, a youth mentoring campaign.

If Lil Wayne had his way, you wouldn't know any of the details of his charitable efforts. "To be totally honest with you, that's Cortez," Weezy said of his best friend and manager. "If it was left up to me, then y'all still wouldn't know what I'm doin'."

The truth is the Young Money head is very generous with not only his money, but with his time. Earlier this year, Wayne launched his DEWeezy campaign with Mountain Dew and then linked with Stoked, a youth mentoring program and got 10 teens to help him create a new commercial.

"Why stop at rappin' when you can skate too," Weezy asks rhetorically in the 30-second ad.

"They put all that together, everything, those kids," he told MTV News back in November during their one-on-one sit-down after the premiere of Tunechi's latest video [article id="1697842"]"No Worries."[/article]

Wayne is far from shy, but he reluctantly talks about what he does to give back to the community. Tune's charitable efforts no doubt help his image, but above all else, it is simply how he rolls. "It's not only an image, its reality," he said.

Aside from helping youth, Weezy takes joy in sharing his time with his own children as well. His role as a dad and an influential entertainer go hand-in-hand as he helps to mold the younger generation. "There's nothing better than that, period -- being a father." he said. "I've done so many things... I don't get no joy like the joy I get being a father. Simple things like helping my daughter with her homework. Simple things like putting my sons to sleep."

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