The 'Teen Wolf' Darach Has Been Revealed! So What 'Exactly' Is Jennifer's Connection To The Alphas?


She's your friendly neighborhood English teacher one day, and a "Teen Wolf" serial killer obsessed with offing her victims in groups of three the next. Jennifer Blake, Beacon Hills High School's newest hire and Derek's love interest, was outed on tonight's episode as the much-feared Darach, and before taking off into the night with Stiles' father, she killed a police officer, murdered a music teacher and beat Lydia to a pulp. Between acts of pure evil, though, she demonstrated a clear desperation to appease the Alpha Pack, so what the heck is her relationship to Deucalion & Co.?

While torturing Lydia (who is, indeed, a banshee -- well done on the guesses, guys!), Jennifer articulated the point that the recent sacrifices were more important than anyone had yet realized, and that neither Lydia nor Scott's crew understood just how powerful the Alpha Pack is. It seems as if she's got one hell of a debt to pay to them, but why, exactly? Do they constitute the "deities" she's hoping to satisfy? And what do you make of Mr. Stilinski's insistence that she was the girl he found torn to pieces in the woods all those years ago? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

There's definitely a lot to process this time around, guys! Share all of your thoughts below, and tell us what you make of Darachifer!

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