Charli XCX's Android Joins Brooke Candy And Maliibu Miitch For An Erotic Adventure

The video for 'XXXTC' travels to a world where it rains dollar bills and another where robotic butterflies roam the skies

Brooke Candy, Charli XCX, and Maliibu Miitch's new video for "XXXTC" is a psychotic carnival for hedonists. The song itself is an X-rated, whispering, musical orgasm full of moans, grunts, and the kind of sexual knowledge that makes being informed about reproductive health absolutely necessary to fully vibe with its message.

Charli XCX only appears here in spirit, and what we see of Brooke Candy and Maliibu Mitch exists between hazy dimensions of dark colors and dancing shadows. What exists here feels like a reverse exorcism. With each image, we're pulled deeper into a world of thick, steamy, sexual gratification.

No matter where you're watching "XXXTC" — whether at home by yourself or at the office on break — cover your screen and make sure no one is behind you. Wild isn't the way for how to describe this video. It's more like politely horrifying. Brooke Candy kicks things off encased in stone, freed from her prison by a snake slithering across her gargoyle-like skin. She emerges like a raider from Fallout 4, clad in weirdly futuristic yet post-apocalyptic gear as she whimpers about the ultimate pleasure – the big O.

Maliibu Mitch comes in afterward in a dark, carnivalesque world of money storms and pole-dancing poles instead of rain and oak trees, rapping with her back turned to a new version of Brooke, still amorous. Charli XCX's whispering verse comes last as a silver computer-generated android that resembles her does an intricate pole routine while mechanical butterflies and dollar bills swirl around the screen. When the video finally oozes to a stop, you won't be able to feel your legs. Stretch them out for approximately 10 seconds, then give yourself a good smack across the left cheek. Now you're fine.

"XXXTC" will appear on Candy's forthcoming debut album Exorcism. It follows the previously released single, "Happy." Sexorcism also will feature Rico Nasty and Iggy Azalea."

Watch the insane video for "XXXTC" up above.