Is 'Sex And The City 3' On The Way? Kim Cattrall Weighs In

'I think there's more stories to be told,' she tells MTV News.

The [article id="1635789"]second "Sex and the City" movie[/article] hasn't even hit theaters yet, but that doesn't mean fans aren't wondering if the girls will get together for a third flick.

Kim Cattrall said the only person who can decide the fate of the franchise is writer/director Michael Patrick King, and if he wants her to come back again to play man-crazy PR maven Samantha Jones, she's there in an instant -- as long as she doesn't have to come up with the story line.

"That's totally not up to me, thank God! Thank God I don't have to write that third script," she told MTV News while promoting [movie id="414497"]"Sex and the City 2,"[/movie] which hits theaters Thursday. "That would be so daunting, but that's up to Michael."

While the decision isn't hers, she certainly is rooting for there to be another flick. "I don't know if there will be a third," she said. "I hope there will be. I think there's more stories to be told. That's totally his call."

So when will they stop? "Well, I think the only way it will continue is if Michael feels there's more to be said. I think once we start repeating ourselves, it's time to say goodbye," she said. "Maybe that's in five years, maybe that's in 10. Who knows? I hope we can do it for as long as the audience is there and the characters are interesting and growing and changing."

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