Britney Spears Vs. Adele: Which Brit Will Be #1?

Adele's '21' is slated to return to the top after 'Femme Fatale''s #1 debut.

It's a catfight to the top next week on the charts. While Britney Spears' [article id="1661426"]Femme Fatale may have topped the charts[/article] this week, it seems that next week, she's got some competition from the unstoppable Adele and her [article id="1660497"]crossover album 21.[/article]

So will the British songstress beat the Femme Fatale?

"It sure looks that way," Hits Daily Double senior editor Roy Trakin told MTV News. "And I guess it'll mark the week that album will go over a million in sales. ... [Adele's 21 is] far and away the leading album. Same time last year, Lady Antebellum was at this place. There's a little bit of an up-kick, and there are some solid releases coming in the future: Lady Gaga in May and Lil Wayne the week before hers."

Until then, Adele will rule the roost next week, and that means that Brit will have to settle for the second slot.

"If you've followed the way since the SoundScan era came about, this is what we've been getting. You get the top release debuting, and it's very rare that you have an album that can stay atop," he said of Spears' inevitable tumble. "This Adele thing is truly a phenomenon. It transcends genre, more or less, and that's what you need to sustain that momentum on the chart. Debuts invariably [see] a 60 to 70 percent drop-off, and if it's less than that, it's considered a success."

Trakin does offer some advice for those artists who have more typical chart reigns than Adele: "Forget about that first week and concentrate on sustaining and keeping it steady."

Spears, of course, came of age in a time when records sold millions and stayed at the top for quite some time. So, bottom line, Spears' fans shouldn't worry too much about her chart reign. "I think it's difficult to sustain a 10-year-plus career in this business," he said. "You know, for that kind of star, I wouldn't look at the totals as disappointing, I would just say it's part and parcel of where the business is at this point. Certainly the days of 'NSYNC are over. We're not gonna see that again."

Who do you think will take the top slot next week? Let us know in the comments!

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