Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Have The Hottest Space Date Ever In First 'Passengers' Trailer

‘Passengers’ is pretty much the ‘Titanic’ of space movies — so take all of my money, J-Law

Passengers is a movie starring Jennifer Lawrence. And Chris Pratt. It’s part romance, part thriller — oh, and it’s set in SPACE. On a spaceship. It’s a thrilling sci-fi romance starring the two most charismatic — and bankable — stars on the planet. In other words, take all of my money now.

In the first trailer for Morten Tyldum’s Passengers, Pratt’s character wakes up in space 90 years early after his hibernation pod fails to keep him asleep on a journey to a colony 120 years away. But he’s not alone: Lawrence’s character also wakes up, presumably due to a malfunction — or is there something slightly more sinister going on here? “There’s a reason we woke up early,” Pratt explains in the trailer. And now it’s up to Pratt and Lawrence to save themselves and the spaceship from a disastrous fate. But first: a space date. With a robotic bartender! We haven’t even seen Passengers yet, but we already know this movie is great.

Pratt not only uses a tiny robot to ask Lawrence out on a date, but when the shit really starts to hit the fan in space, Lawrence drops this soon-to-be iconic movie line: “You die, I die.” This is the Titanic of space movies! This is the movie that will save movies in 2016. Or, at the very least, it will be a hell of a lot of fun.

Passengers hits theaters December 21, 2016.

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