Lenny Kravitz Responds To That Pants-Splitting Mishap

Steven Tyler gives his two cents.

As you might have known, Lenny Kravitz had a wardrobe malfunction during a show in Stockholm on Monday night. To put it simply, his leather pants ripped open at the crotch, letting his unguarded unmentionables wobble out in public.

You can find the pictures (and memes) on the Internet -- because I'm not putting them here -- but for the rest of yesterday, we were waiting to see if the rocker would respond. I mean, it's always intriguing to see how celebs react to any type of scandal.

Lenny took to Twitter last night to address what he calls "#penisgate" -- an accurate name, I suppose, because it certainly mimicks the legendary political scandal that ended Nixon's presidency. Right? Just like Ariana Grande's #donutgate?

Anyway, Kravitz posted a screenshot of a text from Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, and it's enough to have you laughing all day. So nonchalant.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 11.03.13 AM