One Direction Songwriter Reveals The Story Behind Their Next Single, 'Night Changes'

Late-night fights led to 1D's next single.

Looks like the rumors were true.

One Direction have announced that "Night Changes" will be the second single off their upcoming album Four (November 17). The boys sat down with BBC Radio 1's Scott Mills and revealed the news. "Night Changes" just so happens to be Harry Styles' favorite song off the album.

Louis Tomlinson and Harry were spotted out and about in London earlier this week, getting arrested and going ice skating for what is believed to be the music video for single.

Louis Tomlinson seen filming a One Direction music video in central London

No word on what the follow-up to "Steal My Girl" will sound like, but we do know how it came about. We recently caught up with 1D co-writer and tour-opener Jamie Scott, who helped pen nine songs off their upcoming album, including "Night Changes," and he told us that it wasn't the easiest of songs to put together.

“One of the songs on the record came from myself falling out with Julian Bunetta and John Ryan," Scott told MTV News.

"My studio is at my house where we record the record, so we all come to my house and we hang out, the boys come in,” Scott explained before adding that he usually has to cut out a bit early because he has a young child. “But these guys just work through the night, and one night, I came down to the studio, and three songs that I thought were sounding amazing when I left had been changed drastically through the night.”

Scott, who just released his single, "Unbreakable," wasn't too happy with the changes that were made, which resulted in him "calling them a name," which was too bad for him to repeat. But the riff between the guys ended up being a good thing, because it's how the name "Night Changes" came about, even though the song concept has nothing to do with their disagreement.

"The song is nothing about that, but the idea and the word came from me coming in the morning, because you get a bit delirious and you never quite know what you’re doing," he said. "But it was fine and all was resolved and we had a great song title.”

No word on when the song will be revealed, but during their radio interview, Liam Payne said that this was the "first album we've properly written on nearly every song," which is pretty impressive since recording had to be done in between their world tour dates.

"We recorded most of it in America when we were on tour, so they had a truck that had a couple studios built in it," Niall said before Harry added. "I think one of the cool things about this one -- each song may have been recorded in three different places. I think this is the one we are most proud of."