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This ‘The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes 2’ Cast Member Opens Up About The Harassment That Got Her Kicked Off The Show

‘I want to extend my apology to anyone I offended, and I sincerely mean that,’ says Nia Moore.

On tonight’s episode of “The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes 2,” Nia is kicked off the show after physically and verbally harassing fellow cast member, Jordan.

In one scene, Nia pulls down Jordan’s pants and makes an offensive comment about his masculinity. In another scene, she touches his crotch and calls him a “f----t.”

“Jordan and I have known eachother for a while, and this isn’t the first time we’ve gotten physical, or the first time I grabbed his private parts,” Nia told MTV News.

For many people any usage of the f-word, even if it is intended as a joke, is very offensive. According to, 9 out of 10 LGBT students report being harassed at school in the last year, and 1 out of 3 LGBT students have been physically assaulted at school because of their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.

And this sort of harassment doesn’t end when kids go home. LGBT bias is so rampant on social media that GLSEN has started tracking how many times different slurs are Tweeted every day.

The altercation between Jordan and Nia wasn’t just verbal. Nia also pulled Jordan’s pants down, and touched him inappropriately. When she watched the episode, this particular part of the incident struck a very personal chord with Nia.

“Sexual harassment is a big deal -- I was date raped in college,” said Nia. “Obviously rape is more serious than what I did to Jordan, but making someone uncomfortable in any way shape and form should not be tolerated, and I have a ton of regret about that.”

Nia continued, “When they kicked me off, my first reaction was that it was completely wrong, and unjustified, but I thought about it, and if the roles were reversed and if Jordan pulled my pants down, I would want him kicked off. It was wrong.”

Nia admits that looking back, she can see the mistakes she made.

“I know I was wrong, and my biggest fear is being labeled homophobic,” she said. “I want to extend my apology to anyone I offended, and I sincerely mean that. But because I do care what people think about me in that aspect, I want them to know it’s something I am not proud of. I hope I can be forgiven and we can move forward.”