Carl Rinsch Is Directing '47 Ronin' Instead Of The 'Alien' Prequel

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rinsch will assume the role of lord and master — and, of course, director — over "47 Ronin," Universal's samurai film that Keanu Reeves has been attached to star in for some time. Chris Morgan, who previously described the film as borrowing elements of "Gladiator" and "300," wrote the most recent draft of "47 Ronin."

The movie is based on a Japanese legend of 47 samurai who are left leaderless after the death of their master, who is forced to commit seppuku after a disgraceful incident. The masterless samurai warriors embark upon a year-long vengeance quest against the man most responsible for their lord's death. Reeves would play one of the ronin, with the actor's half-Asian heritage a reported focal point of the movie.

Rinsch's name was most recently thrown around in connection with the upcoming "Alien" prequel over at Fox. Mostly known as a unique commercials director, Rinsch would have made his major filmmaking debut with "Alien 5" under guidance from original director Ridley Scott, who would produce the film.

Ultimately, Rinsch was passed over for the job, mostly because Fox wanted Scott himself to direct "Alien 5." The filmmaker has since agreed to the job, but whether or not he'll get to the project before "Brave New World," "Monopoly" and a whole host of other potential films remains to be seen.

In the meanwhile, Rinsch has a nice consolation prize in the form of "47 Ronin," which is sure to have a similarly massive scope as the "Alien" franchise, albeit in a more reality-based fashion. I'm excited to see what he does with the material.

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