Rihanna On 'Scandal'? It Could Happen

The ball's in your court, Shonda Rhimes.

Remember when Rihanna basically lived out her very own episode of "Scandal" during a visit to the White House last week? Well, apparently pretending to be Olivia Pope for the day has turned into a plea for a possible guest spot on the hit drama series.

During the MAC AIDS Fund premiere of the new documentary "It's Not Over" on Tuesday (November 18), the singer took a minute to gush about the show.

"I love 'Scandal'! Are you kidding?," Rihanna told E! News. When asked whether she'd ever accept a guest-starring role, she replied, "We'll see... I would love that. I just love 'Scandal,' period."

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E! News then teased Rihanna about potentially playing an evil nemesis for Kerry Washington's Olivia Pope to contend with, and Rih totally ate it up. "Duh!" she agreed. "That's amazing."

Smells like a Twitter campaign aimed at "Scandal" creator Shonda Rhimes is in order. Gladiators and Navy, rally your troops. It's time to prepare for battle!

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