'Men In Black 3' Trailer: Five Key Scenes

Expect the Will Smith series' famously wacky aliens and humor, along with some time traveling.

Twelve years and a purported budget of $215 million later, the men in black will be back for a third go-around. The first trailer for "Men in Black 3" hit Monday (December 12), and Agents K (Tommy Lee Jones) and J (Will Smith) are up to their same old, same old: rogue aliens, memory-erasing -- normal work stuff.

We've watched the trailer a few times now and have picked out the five scenes you should be paying attention to. Here's a tip: You should probably brush up on your "Back to the Future" vocabulary.

The Graffiti Alien

One of the staples of the series has been the routine calls to aliens who have stepped out of their bounds, and it's always when the series is at its best. The "Men in Black" films have consistently delivered with interesting looking aliens, and the trailer for the third is no exception. Here, we get to see an E.T. who can disguise himself as street art. Expect even more out-of-this-world aliens when the movie hits theaters in May.


You know it's a "Men in Black" movie once the neuralizers come out. Although the trailer mostly sets up the premise for the third movie without exploring the last two acts, the one thing that is perfectly clear is that we shouldn't expect anything different in a third film. The series seems to stick close to a tight formula, and that's fine. Let's just hope they mix it up more this time.

"Smiles Like This"

While other parts of the trailer might remind us of some of the more tired elements of the series, Smith's imitation of Jones' smile brings back memories of why the movies make money. It's been three years since a Will Smith flick, and now's definitely the time for that to change.

Time Jump

Toward the end of the trailer, we start to see hints of the bigger story. As we learn from Emma Thompson's Agent Oh, something happens to the space-time continuum, and K has been dead for 40 years. That introduces the movie's main arc, J's Marty McFly-like adventure back to the past to save his partner from the unfortunate new fate.

Young K

All is revealed at the end of the trailer. J wakes up next to a very confused, very young Agent K, played by the perfectly cast Josh Brolin.They sound and look so much alike, even with just one line from the younger version. J and Young K will work together for most of the movie to stop the events from the alternate future.

"Men in Black 3" opens on May 25, 2012.

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