There's Going To Be A Bunch More Transformers Movies And Sequels In The Near Future

Get ready to see more Optimus Prime and friends.

Over the last few years Hollywood studios have been moving radically toward a new strategy: more sequels, all the time. Tentpole franchises are the bread and butter of studio businesses trying to lock in consistent profits in a time of turmoil across a shifting media landscape.

But, what exactly does that mean for the average consumer? For one thing, we'll be seeing a lot more Transformers over the next few years.

According to a new report from Hollywood insider magazine Deadline, Paramount Studios is negotiating with franchise director Michael Bay, producer Akiva Goldsman, and Steven Spielberg to organize a so-called "writer's room" for new Transformers sequels. The group will attempt to come up with spin-offs to the billion-dollar series, one of the most lucrative of all time.

Akiva Goldsman has written Oscar-winning films like Beautiful Mind, but Deadline does not believe he will be writing any psychological explorations of giant robots. Rather, his job will be to oversee the development of scripts and securing writers to bring them to fruition. Expect at least three new Transformers movies over the next half decade.

In an era when money is less and less certain for major studios, it's not surprising to see studios doubling down on a sure bet.

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