Ariana Grande's 'Be My Baby' Just Got Better

Listen to Cashmere Cat's reworked version of the track.

In the weeks since Ariana Grande's #1-charting sophomore album, My Everything, dropped, listeners have gravitated towards a couple of tracks in particular -- namely, "Be My Baby" featuring Cashmere Cat. Well, that fan favorite just got a whole lot more fan-favoritey-er (sp?) with a new edit that Cashmere, a.k.a. Magnus August Høiberg, posted on his SoundCloud .

In the description, the 27-year-old Norwegian DJ describes the reworked "Be My Baby" as an "alternate version of the song i produced for arianas album with lido and benny" -- "benny" as in Benny Blanco of "Black Widow," "Teenage Dream" and "Tik Tok" fame. NBD.

Listen to Cashmere Cat's new edit of Ariana Grande's "Be My Baby."

While the basic structure of of the track remains, this revised version removes a lot of the polish found on the album cut while simultaneously heightening the ethereal nature of the production.

Hiccuping vocalizations pop up throughout, and I'm particularly partial to the part where Ariana doo-doo-dahs her way through the lyrics to "If you keep it real with me/ Be honest, be honest/ You can get anything you want/ That you want babe." Or, maybe she forgot 'em during that recording session? Either way, the end result is so dreamworld-y.

BRB, Alex Mack-style melting so hard to this right now.

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