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ILOVEMAKONNEN Cried When He Heard Drake's 'Club Goin' Up On A Tuesday' Remix

The up-and-comer tells MTV News how Drizzy ended up on his buzzing hit.

Believe it or not, ILOVEMAKONNEN was just as surprised as the rest of the world when Drake dropped a remix to the Atlanta-based upstart's "Club Goin' Up On A Tuesday" last week.

"I don't have the slightest idea, other than, maybe he liked the record, and he reached out to my producer -- or, the producer we both know, Sonny Digital -- and was like, 'Hey, I wanna get on the beat,'" Makonnen told MTV News about how the remix came together.

Sonny Digital, who co-produced the song with Metro Boomin, called the artist to see what he thought. Naturally, he told them to send it along to Drake. But then he moved on.

"Then it was like, a day and a half later; I totally forgot about it and sh--, and then it just dropped on the Internet and I was like, Damn, I can't believe he did that," he said with a smile.

As he's been known to do on his remixes, Drizzy employed the flow that the song's originator used ("Versace," anyone?).

"That was the most surprising part," the Cali-born talent said. "I was like, 'Damn, I didn't know that Drake was listening.' Not only did he listen to the song, he listened to me."

Shortly after the song leaked, an Instagram video hit the 'net that captured Makonnen in what appeared to be pure bliss -- understandably so -- after hearing the remix.

"There were tears of joy and tears of hard f--king work," he said. "'Cause goddamn, that Monday was a bitch!"

But now that the momentum's there, this may only be the start.

"I was thinking about dropping a 'Tuesday' remix every Tuesday with another artist for the rest of the year," he added. "Just have that artist do his version of their 'Tuesday.'"

We'll have to wait for those, but the first remix should be enough to hold you over for now.