Freddie Say 'Relax': Limp Bizkit Remake Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Band reworks racy song for Ben Stiller's 'Zoolander.'

Freddie's already gone to Hollywood — now he's taking his band to the Pleasuredome.

Limp Bizkit have recorded a version of Frankie Goes to Hollywood's sexually charged 1984 hit "Relax" for the Ben Stiller film "Zoolander."

"It is the bomb, it is so dope," said electronic artist/producer BT, who is scoring the movie, of the track last week. "It's not really a cover — you'll know what I mean when you hear it. ... It's sorta like if a band did a remix."

The original "Relax," known for its "Relax, don't do it" refrain, appeared on the dance group's Welcome to the Pleasuredome and gained notoriety for its racy video and the sexual innuendoes in its lyrics. Limp Bizkit scored their breakthrough with a cover of another provocative '80s song, George Michael's "Faith."

A spokesperson for Hollywood Records said the Wiseguys' "Start the Commotion" is the only track confirmed thus far for the "Zoolander" soundtrack, due September 25.

BT said he may collaborate with No Doubt on a song for the film, in which Stiller stars as a dim fashion model caught up in international intrigue.

"The score is out of control, and this film is the funniest movie I've ever seen in my life, hands down, bar none," BT said.

The Maryland-bred Brian Transeau, who produced 'NSYNC's single "Pop," is also working on Britney Spears' next LP (see [article id="1444712"]"BT Earns 'King Of Dirty Pop' Title With 'NSYNC, Britney Tracks"[/article]) as well as his own album, which he said will feature guest appearances by Peter Gabriel, Sarah McLachlan and Guns N' Roses bassist Tommy Stinson (see [article id="1444752"]"BT Fills Plate With 'Furious' Music, Album Plans"[/article]). He's eyeing a spring release.

Meanwhile, Limp Bizkit are also gearing up to record their follow-up to last year's Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water (see [article id="1442034"]"Bizkit To Write 'Totally Opposite' LP From Starfish, Durst Says"[/article]).

"[Guitarist] Wes [Borland] has got some really, really, really heavy, heavy aggression side and heavy anger," Fred Durst said on Wednesday. "It feels like it's going to be a post-nuclear Pantera Vulgar Display of Power meets Pink Floyd The Wall.

"This time we're really closing the doors, man," he added later. "We're getting gritty on this one, man. This is a really emotional time. We're really happy to f---ing be doing a new record."

Durst said he hopes to work with Kenna, a Virginia singer he recently signed to his label, Flawless, and Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland on the album. Weiland contributed to both Significant Other and Chocolate Starfish.

"There are other artists I would dream to work with, but I believe those things happen if they happen, you know what I mean?" Durst said. "I just want them to happen if it's the right time, and they're feeling me and I'm feeling them and we just think it's cool to work together, not because we think we're going to have a hit."