YouTube Celeb PewDiePie Responds To Critics Of His $7 Million Income

Not everyone thinks famous YouTubers deserve their fortunes, but this gamer puts it in perspective.

YouTube personality PewDiePie made headlines earlier this week when reports emerged that he made a whopping $7 million from his video game-themed videos last year. Not long after the public expressed amazement at his earnings, many commenters started to criticize PewDiePie for that same accomplishment.

The 25-year-old Swedish gamer (real name Felix Kjellberg) has fired back against the haters with a new video, "Lets Talk About Money."

In the video, Kjellberg explains that he has been sharing videos on YouTube since he was a college student hoping to pay off student loans. He talks about working part-time jobs in the past, including a stint at a hot dog stand, to dispel any misconceptions that he isn't a hard worker.

He also offers his philosophy on money, which, at least for those of us without millions of dollars in the bank, may not be entirely relatable, but still contains some worthwhile wisdom. "I really think that money doesn't make you happy," Kjellberg says. He is happy, however, about being able to pay his rent, and acknowledges that the "money isn't everything" mantra is something mostly expressed by those who actually have it.

While Kjellberg's fame and fortune may not seem like a big deal to some, his nearly 38 million subscribers and 9.3 billion views say otherwise. Numbers like those don't come without hard work and some serious talent.