Liam Hemsworth As The Red Ranger? We Cast The New 'Power Rangers' Movie

C-3P0 As Alpha 5?

If you didn't hear by now, there's a new "Power Rangers" movie on the way, and it looks like it'll be a darker, grittier reboot in line with "Hunger Games" and "Divergent."

We're sure all of Hollywood will be lining up to audition, because honestly, who wouldn't want to add "Power Ranger" to their resume?

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With that in mind, we decided to do the producers' job for them and cast the movie ourselves, based on the original six Rangers.

Red Ranger (Jason) -- Liam Hemsworth

The Red Ranger is essentially the most red-blooded (get it?), bro-y Power Ranger, and the de facto leader. He's got the good looks, and he's built like a rock. Sounds like a Hemsworth to us, and since Lionsgate, who's producing the movie, already has a nice relationship with Liam from the "Hunger Games" movies, he seems like the best choice.

Green/White Ranger (Tommy) -- Michael B. Jordan

Ok, the Green Ranger wasn't an original original Ranger, but he's easily the most popular, and we can't imagine he wouldn't be in the new movie. Jason David Frank is probably too old to reprise his role, so we need some fresh blood. Tommy, first and foremost, is just plain cool, a sarcastic bad boy with a wry smile and charm for miles. He also has to be the best dramatic actor of the bunch because of his character's arc, and Jordan has clearly proven himself in that regard. Plus, look at the picture... he already looks great in green.

Pink Ranger (Kimberly) -- Chloe Grace Moretz

The Pink Ranger always got short shrift on the original show, being relegated to more of a supporting role as "the girly one." We won't stand for that, as Kimberly now should be much more of a kick-ass co-leader of the group, becoming a female role model like Katniss and Tris (she even used her own power bow and arrow). She should have a bit of a dark side, and maybe puts up the girly girl persona as a front to protect her secret identity.

I can't think of a better person to encompass all aspects of that, and be believable while kicking some ass, than Chloe Grace Moretz. She's so kick-ass that she was the best part of "Kick Ass." But please, no Power Skirt.

She's a girl. We get it.

Blue Ranger (Billy) — Jack Gleeson

Billy's the geeky one, and nowadays, he'd be the Rangers' resident hacker, someone who's great with computers and becomes adept at more alien technologies. Billy's got to be a little awkward, but is also the most likable of the Rangers, and of all the actors in the world who need to take a part where they're really, really likable, it's Jack Gleeson, a.k.a. King Joffrey.

Gleeson's very nice in real life, a little geeky looking, and was super cute in "Batman Begins" as the little kid Batman saves (see below for cute Joffrey), so we have no doubt he'd be able to pull off this career-changing part.

Yellow Ranger (Trini) -- Jamie Chung

Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures'

The Yellow Ranger suffered from the same lack of character development as her pink counterpart, falling into the shy Asian stereotype. Again, Trini needs to be awesome. In the show, she knows kung fu: no one who knows kung fu can be anything less than a badass. Jamie Chung can pull off badass, so much so that she's going to be in the next "Sin City" movie. She's confident and can beat you up, and, as you can see above, she looks ridiculously good in yellow.

Black Ranger (Zach) -- Roshon Fegan

Every cast has to have a bit of an unknown, and here's our pick. The Black Ranger is the typical cool kid, but one talent he showed off a lot during the series' original run was dancing. Fegan, who stars in Disney's "Shake It Up," can dance (he finished in the top 6 of "Dancing With the Stars"), sing, rap. You name it, the multitalented actor can do it, and he even pulled off a bow tie while looking awesome, which is a superpower in itself. He's poised to break out soon anyway, so why not break out as a Power Ranger?

Zordon -- Jason David Frank

Frank, the original Green Ranger, has been with the franchise for over 20 years. It's only fair they let him graduate to becoming the ultimate Power Ranger mentor, as the wise, Yoda-like floating head Zordon. Maybe, in a twist, it's revealed that he actually was a Power Ranger in a different dimension, and became trapped as Zordon by whichever villain they choose for the movie. Speaking of...

Rita Repulsa -- Meryl Streep

Hey, this is why it's called fantasy casting. She's already playing the Wicked Witch in "Into the Woods," a part that's really not too far removed from Rita Repulsa. She'd get to ham it up, which every actor loves, and I'm sorry, who wouldn't pay to see her fighting the Power Rangers? That's not rhetorical, seriously, if you wouldn't love to see that, reveal yourself.

Bulk and Skull -- Key and Peele

key_peele_wouldnt_do copy

Bulk and Skull are the comic relief of the Rangers franchise, idiot bullies who end up being not so bad and who have an incredible rapport. Sure, Key and Peele are a little old for high school bullies, but there's no other duo that would bring better comedic chops to the parts than them.

Who are your picks to star in the rebooted franchise? Let us know in the comments!

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