Now An Avenger Is Chiming In On The Kim Kardashian Nude Selfie Debate

This is getting out of hand

In the latest round of "Should Kim Kardashian have posted that nude selfie?" Twitter debate, Jeremy Renner decided to share how he felt about the matter, even though no one asked.

If you're keeping up with all the drama, this is now Round 5 of the Debate That Just Won't Die.

Round 1: Kardashian posts the pic. Chloë Moretz and Bette Midler tweet their disapproval.

Round 2: Bella Thorne and Abigail Breslin weigh in for International Women's Day, both agreeing that women should be allowed to do whatever they please with their bodies.

Round 3: Kardashian says her piece: "I am allowed to be sexy."

Round 4: Pink tweets a long message urging girls to use "their brains," not their bodies. Amber Rose calls her out, saying girls and women can do both.

Round 5: Renner tweets his approval of Pink's message.

The Avengers actor retweeted what Pink had to say, and he added his own two cents for good measure.

And that's when things get a tad strange, because the two celebs then have a brief convo that seems entirely random.

Wait, Renner and Pink are friends? Well, they're at least former coworkers. Before he was Hawkeye, Renner played a sheriff in Pink's 2003 music video, "Trouble."


Jeremy Renner

And was seduced (and later tricked) by Pink dressed as a saloon girl.


Trouble Pink

Plus, they have a whip showdown, because of course they do.


Trouble Pink

Various celebs have chimed in on the "To nude selfie or not to nude selfie" discussion, including Danny Tamberelli, Sharon Osbourne, and Piers Morgan.

But unlike other Twitter debates, this one is still going strong days after Kardashian originally posted the pic on Monday (March 7).

At this point, it feels like the Internet is simply beating a dead horse. We're just going 'round and 'round in circles on the issue, which seems to boil down to what women should and should not do with their bodies on public forums. Recently, two MTV News writers discussed the future of feminism in our post-Instagram world, concluding we should quit "wasting our time and limited breath (remember, we’re all dying) yelling at each other about our various interpretations of feminism, and join forces instead."

And as Matt McGorry has continuously proven, men can (and should) be feminists as well, but Renner's decision to side with the hypocritical Pink — remember her PETA ad? — doesn't really help anyone out in the long run. Sure, it's fun to share your opinion and ideas, but Renner, who doesn't have the best track record for all things feminism, seems to have just chimed in to chime in, which is why he should really watch this video and think about life choices.